Prestige Renos


Prestige Renos is a construction company based in Melbourne, offering a wide range of design and construction services. From plans and permits to construction, we provide a complete package to our clients. Our expertise lies in building custom homes, renovations, extensions and High-Performance homes. We specialize in crafting homes that cater to the diverse and sophisticated needs of our clients, particularly the ones that are complex and unique. With over 20 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Our fine-tuned construction process provides assurance to our clients during each phase of their building journey. We are committed to delivering high-quality and efficient services that exceed client expectations at every stage, resulting in homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and embody the pinnacle of structural and design excellence.

Ground Floor Extensions and Renovations

Are you thinking about expanding your living space? Consider a ground floor extension to make the most of your property. With this addition, you can renew old, tired rooms and create new spaces that align with your current and future lifestyle needs. Whether you're adding extra rooms or an outdoor entertainment area, we can help you create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, with ample space and flow for everything you require.

Second Storey Extensions and Renovations

Extending your home upwards can significantly increase its value and maximize its living space. Adding a second storey allows you to redefine your living areas, add or extend rooms and storage space, and enjoy open-plan living with modern amenities. This can bring new excitement to your home and expand its lifestyle potential.

Heritage Home Extensions and Renovations

If your home is heritage listed, there may be some limitations on what you can and cannot do. However, there are still plenty of ways to update and modernize your space while remaining within council regulations. At Prestige Renos, we specialize in extending heritage homes and transforming them into more spacious, modern, and liveable spaces that meet all regulatory requirements.

Knockdown and Rebuild

You adore everything about your current location—the view, the land, the community, and the people. Your whole life is centered there, and you have no desire to relocate, a knockdown rebuild with Prestige Renos is the perfect solution.

While your current home may have charm and character, it may no longer meet the needs of your family. Opting for a knock down and rebuild gives you greater control over the construction process. You can choose the layout that suits your needs and define the overall aesthetic with finishes, colors, and personal style. Based on our extensive experience and feedback from our clients, here are some advantages of choosing a knock-down rebuild approach

  • A blank canvas
  • Time saving
  • Improve your resale value and capital
  • Seamless aesthetic
  • Latest materials and technology
  • More energy efficient
  • Warranties
From Ideas To Reality, Step By Step

Are you ready to improve your quality of life by renovating or extending your home? Our experienced building company has a strong track record of producing quality workmanship for luxury extensions and renovations.